Garden Update: November 2011

When the secret garden was cleared, Georgian bricks were found and Neel made a lovely pathway around the pond and bog gardens and has since created the slate and fern area and other wood and water areas to encourage wild life. We were very lucky with our frog spawn in the Spring because 10 tiny frogs were spotted huddled under a plastic bag during an Ernst & Young workday when making bird houses and bird seed balls, winter sustenance for the birds. Looking forward to Spring 2012: maybe more frogs, plenty of daffodils, hyacinths and fruit trees to check out, all planted in November with the help of local volunteers and Ernst & Young.

Stockwell Studios Community Garden, what we have been doing 2011:

1. Ernst and Young ongoing support: 11 projects to date. (tasks have been listed previously).
2. LBKA [London Bee Keepers Association]: Four hives and classes. Awards-Winning honey.
3. Further pond water from Lambeth Palace (and Royal frogs…)
4. Master Gardeners Programme (permaculture group) and helped design kitchen garden.
5. H&S site visit of garden: All documentation in place.
6. Volunteer artworks (e.g mosaic stepping stones).
7. Kept side gate open for access – separate access creating opportunities for garden initiatives.
8. Committed 18 months of the community garden open every Tuesday afternoon (only missed one!).
9. Botanical study done and plant survey by Roy Vickery, Green party.
10. Registered for Environmental arts day – in garden (Art4Space) and Capital Growth.
11. Art4Space art workshops funded – Woodward and HAP – using the garden as educational resource.
12. Young People help with Lambeth. NEET.
13. Art4Space Spring Fair, including incredible edibles.
14. Linked garden with Art4Space volunteer programme, regular help in garden.
15. May and Barbara assisted art/garden programme.
16. Kitchen garden designed by Neel with drawings and plans.
17. Fruit trees donated by local grower.
18. Taken on 2 regular garden volunteers.
19. Pledged protection on websites.

Meetings with:

Penny Noy, TTB – Able to get us Orchard Community Project and general advice
Steve Griffin SP – Advice on how to link local community groups
Elaine Kramer – Incredible Edibles / food growers going to use space
Sue Sheehan – project dirt / community Green champions – advice and links
Neel made contact with ‘Thrive’ and Fiona Booth – head of sustainable Lambeth