Tuesday 22nd May 2013: Farewell

Stockwell Studios would like to thank everyone for their support and interest over the last 26 years. The old maternity hospital and community garden have been sold by Lambeth Council for redevelopment.

The storks have flown – the bringers of life, hope and creativity – chased out by the dead-eyed developer-vultures. As local boy William Blake put it; When Nations grow old, the arts grow cold, and Commerce settles in every tree. We leave with great sadness but a debt of gratitude to a building designed for birth that nurtured our creative endeavours and for the tranquility and beauty we shared with the birds, frogs, bees, dragonflies, foxes and other residents of the wildlife garden.

Most members are staying together and moving to an Acava studio in Bermondsey and others will be working elsewhere but keeping strong ties with a view to exhibit together and rejoin in the future.

Farewell: Neel Bakhle, Jack Barraclough, Sue Blandford, Jim Bradley, Lucy Casson, Mathew Dart, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Jo Gibbs, Anna Odrich, Munirah Olton, Teresa Paiva, Sarah Riley, Paula Roush, Geoff Routh, Georgie Sleap, Julie Sullock, Louise Whitham