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Unfortunately the battle is not over yet and our studios are still being marketed by the council. We are once again re-launching FOSS (Friends of Stockwell Studios). Please email us on to become a friend of the studios and to keep informed of the latest news.

A developer has taken interest in the site and the council is ready to sell.

A marketing package was put together and bids had to be in by 6th June 2011, the package included our contact details and stated that bids which included artist studios and retained the garden would be looked upon favourable.

Stockwell Studios put in a bid with Charitable Finance Initiative who proposed to negotiate with the council to develop the 4 housing plots to provide housing, a target figure of 1 million pounds or above for Lambeth, to keep the garden and retain us in the hospital, giving us a 125 year lease with pepper corn rent to the council. This proposal has been rejected.

We will be convening with the council and selected developer in the next few days to assert our position on site.

Please help by becoming a friend of the studios: